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Cruz t103 tablet rooting, removing bloatware, and adding google apps

06.07.2012, Android, by .

To start things off I followed the following tutorial on how to root, remove bloatware, and add google apps.



  • A computer (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Android Development Kit (From Google) with platform-tools – link
  • Google Standard Apps – link
  • Also some knowledge how to use Terminal or Command Prompt


First off, the best thing to do is run the Cruz t103 update from Cruz at this link. When your device is finally updated reset it to factory settings. This is so everything is up to date and have less problems later.


Finally when you have done all that you would need to download the google ADK from here, afterwards follows the the instructions from Google on how to get the adb (Android Development Debugger). Once you have adb you are ready to start on your rooting.


First lets open up Terminal (Linux and Mac only) or Command Prompt (Windows only). Then change directory into where the adb is located.

Connect your device to your computer and run the following command.

-Linux or Mac:
./adb devices

adb devices

Once you see your device listed and connected, then enter the following commands.

-Linux or Mac:
./adb shell mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
./adb shell ln -s /system/bin/sh /system/bin/su
./adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
./adb shell sync
./adb reboot

adb shell mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
adb shell ln -s /system/bin/sh /system/bin/su
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
adb shell sync
adb reboot

Once your tablet is booted up again, it should be rooted and you able to run applications which require su. Next thing to do is now remove all the stupid bloat ware that cruz installs on default, to do so run the following commands.

-Linux or Mac:
./adb remount
./adb shell rm /system/app/ASTRO_2_5_3-70-foxconn.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/com.anddoes.fancywidget-1.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/com.workpail.inkpad.notepad.notes.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/CruzMarket.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/CruzSync-release-2010-07-10.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/CruzUserGuide.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/DreyeForAndroidTablet.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/ebuddy-android-live-20100720.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/facebook-mobile-v1.1.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/LiveWallpapers.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/MobileSudokuFree.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/Napster-Phone-1544-vmicro.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/OfficeSuite_Full_1.5_282.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/Solitaire_1.12.1.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/Term.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/TwidroydFree344-final-rev1.apk
./adb shell rm /system/app/UerWallpapers.apk
./adb shell sync
./adb reboot

adb remount
adb shell rm /system/app/ASTRO_2_5_3-70-foxconn.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/com.anddoes.fancywidget-1.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/com.workpail.inkpad.notepad.notes.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/CruzMarket.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/CruzSync-release-2010-07-10.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/CruzUserGuide.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/DreyeForAndroidTablet.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/ebuddy-android-live-20100720.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/facebook-mobile-v1.1.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/LiveWallpapers.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/MobileSudokuFree.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/Napster-Phone-1544-vmicro.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/OfficeSuite_Full_1.5_282.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/Solitaire_1.12.1.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/Term.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/TwidroydFree344-final-rev1.apk
adb shell rm /system/app/UerWallpapers.apk
adb shell sync
adb reboot

It is okay if any of the commands failed it is okay since not every tablet has same version of the applications. Finally we have all the stupid bloatware out and we have space on the phone it’s self then we can install the default android applications to make it feel like a “real” android device. To do so run the following commands.

-Linux or Mac
./adb remount
./adb push AppWidgetPicker.apk /system/app/AppWidgetPicker.apk
./adb push BooksPhone.apk /system/app/BooksPhone.apk
./adb push Facebook.apk /system/app/Facebook.apk
./adb push FileManager.apk /system/app/FileManager.apk
./adb push GoogleBackupTransport.apk /system/app/GoogleBackupTransport.apk
./adb push GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk
./adb push GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk
./adb push GoogleFeedback.apk /system/app/GoogleFeedback.apk
./adb push GooglePartnerSetup.apk /system/app/GooglePartnerSetup.apk
./adb push GoogleServicesFramework.apk /system/app/GoogleServicesFramework.apk
./adb push kickback.apk /system/app/kickback.apk
./adb push Maps.apk /system/app/Maps.apk
./adb push MarketUpdater.apk /system/app/MarketUpdater.apk
./adb push MediaUploader.apk /system/app/MediaUploader.apk
./adb push NetworkLocation.apk /system/app/NetworkLocation.apk
./adb push OneTimeInitializer.apk /system/app/OneTimeInitializer.apk
./adb push QuickSearchBox.apk /system/app/QuickSearchBox.apk
./adb push soundback.apk /system/app/soundback.apk
./adb push SpareParts.apk /system/app/SpareParts.apk
./adb push Talk.apk /system/app/Talk.apk
./adb push Twitter.apk /system/app/Twitter.apk
./adb push Vending.apk /system/app/Vending.apk
./adb push YouTube.apk /system/app/YouTube.apk
./adb reboot

adb remount
adb push AppWidgetPicker.apk /system/app/AppWidgetPicker.apk
adb push BooksPhone.apk /system/app/BooksPhone.apk
adb push Facebook.apk /system/app/Facebook.apk
adb push FileManager.apk /system/app/FileManager.apk
adb push GoogleBackupTransport.apk /system/app/GoogleBackupTransport.apk
adb push GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk
adb push GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk
adb push GoogleFeedback.apk /system/app/GoogleFeedback.apk
adb push GooglePartnerSetup.apk /system/app/GooglePartnerSetup.apk
adb push GoogleServicesFramework.apk /system/app/GoogleServicesFramework.apk
adb push kickback.apk /system/app/kickback.apk
adb push Maps.apk /system/app/Maps.apk
adb push MarketUpdater.apk /system/app/MarketUpdater.apk
adb push MediaUploader.apk /system/app/MediaUploader.apk
adb push NetworkLocation.apk /system/app/NetworkLocation.apk
adb push OneTimeInitializer.apk /system/app/OneTimeInitializer.apk
adb push QuickSearchBox.apk /system/app/QuickSearchBox.apk
adb push soundback.apk /system/app/soundback.apk
adb push SpareParts.apk /system/app/SpareParts.apk
adb push Talk.apk /system/app/Talk.apk
adb push Twitter.apk /system/app/Twitter.apk
adb push Vending.apk /system/app/Vending.apk
adb push YouTube.apk /system/app/YouTube.apk
adb reboot

Now when your tablet finally reboots, you will be happy to know you can add your Google account and finally use Google Marketplace and install all the applications you want. YAY!

From playing with my tablet for about a week now I notice Google Browser sucks and crashes when Javascript loads, so best way around this is to install Dolphin Browser. I will soon post video tutorials on how to do this within the next few weeks seeing I am not able to do it when not at home.


Thank you for reading my tutorial and if you need any help just message me on Skype or on Twitter and I am more then happily to help you. I would like to give thanks Hakology for helping me.

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